Regrind plastics

At Polyarn, we recycle plastics and fibre waste to produce a usable regrind with high-performance and high-temperature polymers and aramid fibres for a wide range of applications. The result of the recycling process is distributed to businesses around the world in the medical, automotive and electrical industry.

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Why do we regrind plastics?

We made the choice early on to regrind used plastics, rather than produce high performance fibres from new resources. By recycling these plastics, we manage to reduce our carbon footprint, while are still offering fibres and polymers of the highest grade to businesses around the world. The plastics we regrind are sourced in a responsible manner and according to our certification granted by the Dutch Government, as well as our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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We regrind a variety of plastics. If your company has production waste from any type of plastic, we are happy to acquire it from you and recycle technical fibres to a granulate that can be reused. Feel free to contact us via email to discuss the options. Forward your message to, or phone us at +31 26 363 97 96.

  • Unique recycling method and long recycling experience
  • Short lines of communication with a personal touch
  • Special ‘niche’ products/polymers

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