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Polyarn offers recycled fibres sourced from production waste and post-consumer fibre waste for various technical applications. By using recycled fibres, we strive to decrease our carbon footprint and still offer businesses around the world the technical fibres they require for their production processes.

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Wide range of recycled fibres

We started sourcing aramid fibre residues. The post-production fibre waste we process can be used in the production of brake pads, friction applications in gaskets and more. At Polyarn, we are always sourcing production residues or post-consumer fibre waste. Example of this kind of post-consumer fibre waste are selvedges, yarns, filaments or webbing. These technical recycled fibres from production waste offer their own characteristics, such as high strength and high heat resistance. Some can resist more than 500 degrees Celsius. This makes the recycled fibres from post-consumer fibre waste suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

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We can offer a range of milled and staple fibres to customers and suppliers around the globe. These fibres are all based on 100% recycled para-aramid fibres, with various fibre lengths from 200 microns to 3mm. Contact us if you wish to know more about our process of regrinding production waste into a re-useable form. You can send us an email at, we are also available by phone at +31 26 363 97 96.

  • Unique recycling method and long recycling experience
  • Short lines of communication with a personal touch
  • Special ‘niche’ products/polymers

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