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A flat gasket is indispensable in the chemical industry, where it is exposed to tough conditions. After all, a flat gasket must be able to withstand high temperatures, as well as high pressures. Consequently, these items must be made from materials than can withstand such strenuous conditions. That is where Polyarn comes in. We are a true specialist when it comes to recycling and distributing Milled Aramid fibres. These can be used in the production process for your flat gasket, brake pad or for example thermoplastic compounds. The technical fibres we offer are high-heat resistant and have a high strength. The strength goes up to five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis! It shows great resistance to heat which makes it a suitable material for the production of a flat gasket, brake pad as well as numerous other applications.

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Technical fibres for the production of brake pads and much more

The production of flat gaskets is just one of many examples for which our fibres can be used. Many of our recycled technical fibres are used in the automotive industry, where they are turned into brake pads and other parts of equipment. Brake pads and flat gaskets notwithstanding, at Polyarn you are likely to find the right kind of fibre that suits your application.

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By choosing our products, you are helping to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint as we source our materials from production and post-consumer waste, which we then regrind into high-grade products. Contact us for more information by sending a message to, or phone us at +31 26 363 97 96.

  • Unique recycling method and long recycling experience
  • Short lines of communication with a personal touch
  • Special ‘niche’ products/polymers

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